original files to play with

original files to play with

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Frame rate is real 24P, not 23.976, all other informations are watermarked on the thumbnails only.
Every clip has been shot with C-log, so before judging the footage you have to apply the Canon LUT
Abelcine has converted the Canon LUT to various formats, thanks for them. Download them here
Without this, noise will be present in the very blacks because they are lifted.

You can choose between an AmazonCloudDrive link (US), or another host (EU), whichever faster to you.


67.9 MB | AmazonCloudDrive | Own Host


two clips recorded with incorrect white balance, to see if is it possible to correct them, and how the compression holds up.

for the night footages, be sure to apply the Canon LUT,
or a gentle S-curve before saying “too much noise in the blacks”

And some stills from the car rig shots, in .dpx format. These are great examples for testing super bright highlights

Special thanks:
if you would like to contact me, my email is in the footer
If you would like to use any image, animation, footage, or the text itself, please contact me

8 comments on “original files to play with

  1. Wade Colgin on said:

    Keep functioning ,great job!

  2. yellow on said:

    hello again, do you have a couple of native camera files for a test with C300 and 5D MkII / III with/without Cinestyle, shooting same scene, same exposure?

    • laco on said:

      no:) I have:
      - Canon C300 C-log native files
      - 5D mk II Cinestyle, and Standard files
      - 5D mk III Standard native files

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  4. aimen kasem on said:

    I test it with Premiere and Colorista :

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