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Standard Candle - Davinci Resolve V10


Hello everyone,

A standard candle is a known source of luminosity . It defines the distance of an object based on its magnitude Here some more detailed information what it is used in astronomy :

Sascha Haber created a Resolve document that everyone can import and flick through the versions to see how much GPU performance their system has.
Please post the numbers and refer to the original forum thread as a reference how "good" your system performs.
There is only one footage file used and it comes with the installer of Resolve and Resolve Light.
So the only thing you need to do is to use the "Change source folder" function to re-link to the file called "Tutorial -"

The project itself is HD with 100% default values , the footage is HD this time but again its not relevant for disk performance. This test is designed to put stress on your GPU pipeline, so be sure you have enough cooling. When testing please load a version, press play and check your FPS. If it flicks between two numbers, go for the lower one and discard the .5 Press Stop and advance to the next version.
If you can please do tests on OSX 10.8.5 and OSX 10.9.1 using the same hardware. Windows and Linux specs are more than welcome as well :) Happy testing !